Your room is a health room

We have adapted hotel rooms and holiday apartments for allergy sufferers.

The rooms are measured allergen-free and optimally furnished for your well-being. Elaborate adaptation measures guarantee that the eight most important triggers for allergies and asthma no longer occur in our interiors. This means for you: No house dust mites, no dogs, no traces of mold and cat allergens.

In addition, the fine dust pollution in the entire hotel has been reduced to a threshold value similar to that of clear winter air and ensures you can sleep and breathe deeply without disturbance.




We guarantee

  • Very low fine dust pollution
  • Very low allergen load
  • Mite-proof mattresses
  • No pets
  • No carpet floors
  • Non-smoking/pet-free rooms
  • Free from allergenic green plants that release pollen (no flowering grasses, hazel or birch plants
  • Window ventilation or quality controlled air conditioning
  • Provision of personal care products for sensitive skin (unscented or hypoallergenic soap, shampoo, cream, etc.) on request.
  • Room cleaning with special HEPA filter vacuum cleaner and floor is mopped daily