Step into a world of relaxation and recreation. Soothing treatments, soft sounds, noble scents and gentle hands that pamper you - that is pure relaxation. After the sauna, strengthen yourself in the vitality corner with a cup of tea and healthy snacks.

Let yourself be pampered and recharge your batteries!

Massage & Beauty

Let yourself be really spoiled! Relax with soothing massages, recharge your batteries with a peeling or a foot reflex zone massage.

Massage & beauty offers

Finnish sauna

90-100 degrees. This is where you really work up a sweat.

Your body temperature and heart rate rise. The heat also increases blood flow to your skin, which makes you look younger in the long run. Taking a sauna also prevents sore muscles after hiking or skiing. A cold waterfall shower followed by a break is particularly important. All this lowers blood pressure, increases the immune system and you feel like a new person.

Organic herbal sauna

Temperature 50-60 degrees and humidity up to 60%.

If you are looking for slightly more moderate temperatures, you have come to the right place. The pine wood ensures a calm pulse, the essential lavender oils relax your tired muscles.

Digression stone pine: The wood of the stone pine apparently has a greater impact on well-being and health than previously known. A study proved that pine slows down the heartbeat and thus "saves" heart work. The test persons also report an accelerated recovery process and "better well-being".

Brine steam bath

Pleasant 42 degrees and 100% humidity.

IEnjoy the excellent properties of the Bach flowers in the aroma steam bath . Flower extracts are mixed with mild inhalation steam and ensure a relaxed body feeling.

Finely dissolved sea salt brine is atomized in the brine steam bath. By adding pure essential eucalyptus and mint extracts, an additional cleaning and care effect of the entire respiratory area is achieved. The combination with the radiant heat of the cabin creates an increased partial pressure and thus a bioclimate that corresponds to a stay by the sea.

Infrared cabin with color light therapy

The Physiotherm infrared cabin offers cozy warmth together with color therapy. Healthy and circulation-gentle sweating already at 30 degrees.

Regular applications can:

  • strengthen the immune system
  • increase blood flow and improve metabolism
  • Relieve tension and relieve back pain
  • promote purification and detoxification of the body through intensive sweating