Intestinal cure

Jörg Krebber, the internationally renowned author and speaker on the subject of "Nutrition is Medicine", has made his own experiences with illness a vocation. He wants to bring people closer to how a healthy life, a balanced diet and mental balance can activate self-healing powers within a very short time.

For Jörg Krebber, the intestine is "the garden of well-being on which health depends". In fact, the gut is our largest immune system. More than 70 percent of all defense cells are located there, over 100 million nerve cells surround our digestive tract. 95 percent of the happiness hormone serotonin is produced by this "second brain". Ayurvedic-Hawaiian colon cleansing is a gentle and sustainable method to cleanse body, mind and soul, but without the usual stresses of a detoxification or fasting cure. With an alkaline herbal drinking mixture, the intestines are freed from harmful deposits and toxins within six days. During the treatment, the small intestine, large intestine, stomach, liver, kidneys, bile and lymphatic system are gently cleaned. Although nothing is eaten during this time, one does not feel hungry. The herbal mass fills the stomach, but without causing a feeling of fullness. The self-healing powers of the body increase every day.

The seventh day is dedicated to rebuilding and re-learning how to eat in a cooking class based on the five-element theory. Jörg Krebber shows what you have to pay attention to when it comes to the composition and preparation of food in order to balance the body's acid-base balance: Last but not least, the healing power of spices.

Course of the intestinal cure

1. Day

Arrival, preparatory talk and introduction round at dinner.

2.-6. Day

  • Meridian yoga
  • intestinal cure
  • 2 x daily lectures on the most important topics of nutrition
  • Additional offers such as Lomi Lomi Nui, healing streams, Quantec radionics therapy
  • Guided hikes and excursions around Königsleiten
  • Jörg Krebber and his team are always available for you, also to deal with individual requests.

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6 nights in a double room Arnika ab € 1.290,00


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